Experience the purity of Iceland on your skin!

ÞRÍR is an Icelandic skincare brand committed to developing high quality skincare products that are natural, sustainable and effective for all skin types.


Dry or tired skin? Our masks help you revitalize your skin, protect it sustainably and provide it with long-term moisture.

Inspired by the natural elements of the rugged, untouched Icelandic landscape: volcanoes, glaciers, herbs and the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds the island.

ÞRÍR face masks

  • 100% Natural

    Free from parabens, mineral oils, petrolates, PEGs, PPGs, MEA, DEA and TEA, phthalates, silicones and sulfates.

  • Vegan

    Manufactured according to COSMOS ORGANIC standards. No animal testing.

  • Effectively

    Developed with scientists and skin care experts. Natural, clean skin care that works.

Natural skin care that works.

Expand your skin care routine with ÞRÍR face masks. They gently remove dead skin, promote blood circulation and the renewal of skin cells and provide moisture. The masks can easily be integrated into your existing routine for radiant results.


No animal testing, just natural and organic ingredients that are environmentally friendly.

Nature's pharmacy

Made with natural ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin to revitalize and protect against free radicals.


Naturalness from Iceland

ÞRÍR's philosophy is simple - to develop and offer natural, clean Icelandic skin care that works.

To the glow-up


"I love the rough texture of ÞRÍR's masks, especially how my skin feels after using them. The Arctic Roseroot Mask is the best hydrating mask I've ever tried and it's really good for my sensitive skin.

Teresa H.